Our History

Global Positive was founded in 2009 by three young African women; Joyce Ndeh, Malaika Njinjoh and Njabi Fombad, who dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of thousands of less privileged children and young adults in Cameroon and all over Africa.

Growing up in Cameroon and experiencing the horrible conditions under which people lived, and witnessing the high rates of illiteracy, crime, poverty and unemployment, the founders of Global Positive were determined to bring about change in their country and other African nations.

After Malaika, Joyce and Njabi moved to the United States of America in 2003, 2004 and 2007 respectively to further their education, the disparity in the standards of living, as well as the standards of education in the US and their home country was a shocking revelation; hence the need for change became imminent.

In 2009 they decided to join forces to help fight illiteracy and break the cycle of poverty that affects the continent of Africa, and what better way than investing in the education of its people. Education not only provides children and families with a pathway out of poverty, but it can also yield even bigger returns for the world's poorest countries through its impact on areas such as health, crime and the economy.

Global positive's ultimate goal is to ensure that every child in Africa is given access to a good education. The founders of Global Positive believe that targeting one country at a time and addressing one issue at a time will have a bigger impact on the people and the country as a whole. So they decided to start with their home Country Cameroon, Global Positive plans on working in other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone and Togo. Global Positive also plans on addressing other issues like clean water and sanitation, women empowerment and HIV & AIDS awareness.

In September 2010 Global Positive started its first project; Presbyterian School Muwah. The school is located in Pinyin, a small village in the North-West Province of Cameroon. Global Positive donated school supplies to the 209 students who attend PS Muwah.

Global Positive was founded exclusively for charitable purposes. The schools and communities we work with are selected solely on a basis of need. We strive to be the leading Non-Profit organization addressing the issues of education and poverty in Africa.