Global Positive is currently working on projects in Cameroon, a country located in the central part of Africa with about 250 ethnic groups. Cameroon suffers from high rates of illiteracy, crime, poverty and over 30% unemployment rate. We believe that providing access to quality education is the most effective method to bring about change, because education not only helps break the cycle of extreme poverty, but it can also develop a meaningful outlook on life, help people discover lasting values, equip children and families with all that is needed to make their dreams come true and it also has a positive impact on areas like health, crime and the economy.


Source: CIA - The World Fact Book

Population: 19,711,291 (July 2011)
National Languages: English and French
Per Capita Income: $ 2,300 (2010)
Unemployment Rate: 30%
Life Expectancy: 54.39 years
% of Population with Access to Clean Drinking Water: 74%
% of Population with Access to Unclean Drinking Water: 26% (2008)
Physicians Density: 1 Physicians / 5,000 people (2004)
HIV/AIDS: 5.3% (2009)
Education Expenditures: 3.7% of GDP (2009)
Literacy Rate: 67.9%
Illiteracy rate: 32.1%